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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

About a Girl.

With a militant zeal 
you jump from bad company to worse
the company you keep 
is keeping one eye on your purse

if you really have to ask
the other is focused on your ass
and if he stops to turn his head
its just to survey your legs

to search for a rift
it seems to be a game
I know firsthand that man
only seeks to return from whence he came

easy submission is a back-up generator for shame
you seek approval from a machine that only dispenses pain

you've got all the guys gawking
falling behind you when you're walking
they can't stop talking

and you already know what they're saying
of course you do
that's why you act just as vacuous as they're claiming

you're holding up a veil that's as tall as the building in which you're sleeping
next to the man whose only pressing needs are eating, breathing, and leaving
so he peers over to make sure your breath is peaceful, your back still heaving
gets up, gathers his things and gets on with his evening

you rise
to an empty bed
down your cheek
tears are streaming

don't worry
it's not that your veil is receding
it's just that your feelings tend to continue on the path
that your body is leading

that prickling in your chest
is your heart, still beating
still struggling to be heard
still counteracting your cheating

but we're all superb
still people of our word
separating the stable people
from the slightly more disturbed

so you put these wooden walls up
taking trust falls with falling trust
there's a crowd at the gate
the smell of satiating sawdust
fills you up

and you make your glorious retreat

to the brink
on the cusp
now just counting down the hours
until your heart returns to dust

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