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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Projections of the Sea: A Sestina

Conflicting truths should be kept separate
Freedom, in particular, requires a quarantine from solitude
Loneliness is just one dance in a vastly larger ritual
We celebrate a sacrifice instead of the resulting release
This leads to the catastrophic introduction of a new Desire
Desires do nothing to help mirrors reflect

I can do nothing without time to reflect
Time which is used to keep youth separate
For youth can so easily become tainted with desire
Overwhelming and breeding a debilitating fear of solitude
Crying skyward, as if to a deitous warden, you’ve been begging for release
Repeating this exercise weekly, as though it were ritual

As an adult, you know nothing of ritual
You throw stones in the water and expect it to reflect
It just stretches, rippling, begging the shores for release
The muddy banks still prefer to remain separate
They laugh at what the water perceives to be solitude
From their higher vantage view of you, they lament your need to desire

You’re standing there, dripping with the viscera of people you desire
The scene calls to mind a gorey ancient Aztec ritual
Though the crimes intangible, your track record contorts when left in solitude.
finally ,the river you’ve been staring at has chosen what to reflect
The resulting image joins the good and bad that you once kept separate
Into a single former captive, preapproved for release

You pool together cerebral funds and try to block their release
So that no one person will see the Armageddon of your desire
Screaming defiantly, “Not even the troops of Megiddo could keep these separate”
Stashing your desecration into cute little packages becomes your new Christmas ritual
Involving a yearly submersion into these waters to reflect
Accepting a fate of eternal solitude

You welcome isolation, yet shun biblical solitude
The sort of prison which holds no hope of release
Your adopted viscous mirror shuts off without the light to reflect
The Deitous warden has returned and enunciated his desire
“You, who have hitherto sat so far above reflective ritual”
Referring to I, “Will now have eternity to see life from a body separate”

He implies that my solitude means my will and fate are separate
I conclude the need to reflect on this in ritual
My newfound release allows me to wade neck-deep in my desire

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